Biodegradable or Bio-degrading?

I was scanning over the link for the “eco-friendly” Green Bible and saw the word “biodegradable.”  Aha, thought I, this is a new way to consider the Bible, Faith, God and all the rest.  Is it, are they, earth-friendly?  Are the super-natural (above and beyond Nature) distractions of faith really biodegradable?  Do they break down into the elements of life (dissolve into, nourish, re-vitalize) the earth, or do they actually degrade the planet we live on?  Maybe the main issue in the debate between Faith and Science is not about Theism vs. Atheism but MetaNatural (non-biodegradable) vs. the Bio-Natural world.  Organic food for thought there. . .


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Writer, teacher, freethinker, humanist celebrant, former minister and interfaith chaplain View all posts by Chris Highland

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