Berlin Wall of Beliefs

When the wall became Humpty Dumpty (1989)

I’ve been reflecting again, after a lunch conversation with someone who is creating circles of inter-relationships across borders, about something I wrote on my Beyond God blog.  We seem to be forever up against Berlin Walls of Belief.  And here I simply offer that the walls (barriers, fences, obstructions) begin with Ex-clusive Ideas that get written down into “scripture” that provides the brick and mortar for the wall-building.  Imagine a Great Wall of China constructed out of billions of books, all cemented together by creeds and confessions, beliefs and theologies and limitless claims to “truth on our side.”  Someday, like the wall in Berlin (I crossed at Checkpoint Charlie many years ago), humankind will wake up and dismantle—with a collaborative commitment—all the divisive bricks of believing that divide our world.  Or so we can hope, and work, and make it happen.


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