Burning Holy Books

I would never advocate the burning of books, holy or otherwise. . .  which seems much too “incendiary” for me.

This kind of book-destruction is merely a tool for “on fire” believers to “fire up” the flock (set the wool on fire?) and fuel the faith to fill the pews.

This blog offers another option:  Recycle All Holy Books

The emphasis here is on the positive, because, think about it:  Everyone says their book has the sacred words we all must live by:  Love, Justice, Kindness, Compassion.  So I offer a simple solution. . .let go of the books and get on with the hard work of Living These Words.  Do we really need books (or a divine voice) to tell us we ought to live this way?   Aren’t the books actually Obstacles and Distractions from the Main Intent embodied in these terms?

So, let’s not burn the books.  Let’s incinerate the combustible ideas that kindle the kindling of charring creeds and blackening beliefs.  Let’s recycle and renew our common, collaborative commitment to Live the Best and Let Go of the Rest! 

If your religion, your faith, cannot agree to this, then maybe you need the enlightenment of recycling, not a bonfire of burning books.

{The Meaning of the Koran–good article, but begs for The Natural Bible/Qur’an/Scripture}


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Writer, teacher, freethinker, humanist celebrant, former minister and interfaith chaplain View all posts by Chris Highland

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