Another Museum Piece

A church finds an original King James Bible.

Isn’t that special?  Blow off the dust and see if there is anything new for the modern world to hear.

Is this holier than other bibles, closer to God’s Word, or just another historical curiosity to put under glass?

I admit the Almighty (and his kid) sound much better speaking Elizabethan English.

“I think we have to be very careful in looking at the Bible only as a work of literature. It is also Holy Scripture and I think that makes it a different sort of book than the great works of literature,” she said. “It will be read by people who will possibly never read Shakespeare or Milton.”

Well, of course, it’s not “just a BOOK!”  That would be, so, so, so, earthly and common.  And this will be read (praise be to King Jim) by people who are ignorant or culturally illiterate!  Wow.  Now that’s news.


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