Sikh and You Shall Find


“Guru Nanak was succeeded by a line of nine additional gurus, each of whom spread Sikhism through parts of India and Arabia. Despite their importance, the gurus refused to be worshipped as deities, insisting they were only repeating the word of God.  The last guru, Guru Gobind Singh, died in 1708.  He was replaced by a text, which is now recognized as the Eternal Guru and is the scripture of Sikhism [Guru Granth Sahib].”  from The Intellectual Devotional

Any other famous teachers we can think of who were “replaced by a text”?

An interesting peculiarity of religious history, wouldn’t you say?


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3 responses to “Sikh and You Shall Find

  • tamar

    Are you familiar with the Hasidim of the dead rabbi? They are the Braslev Hasidim and the disiples of Rabbi Nachman Ben Figha. They are the only Hasidim that don’t have a living rabbi and only learn and teach his writings and sayings. He was a great Rabbi the broke convention ways and a great lover of nature. He wrote: know that every grass in the field has a special song, and from the song of the grass rise the melody of the heart and it is wonderfull to pray among them.
    דע לך שכל עשב ועשב יש לו שירה מיוחדת משלו ומשירת העשבים עולה ניגון של הלב… כמה יפה ונאה להתפלל ביניהם.
    (Hope my English is not that bad)
    I’M Tamar from Israel and I Love your work.

    • naturechaplain

      I appreciate hearing from you, Tamar. No, I have not heard of that rabbi, though I have read many “Tales of the Hasidim.” I will try to read more of his sayings. He sounds wise. I would be interested to know what you think of the intent of this blog, to let go of “sacred texts” (that people fight over so much) to find the most basic “spiritual” teachings in the Book of Nature? I think this subject, discussed among people of faith and those without faith, might be very stimulating and productive. Maybe the point is to “embody” the “song” of the natural world, to live together with the land, the earth, instead of dividing the land into Mine and Yours. Thank you for responding. I’m pleased you enjoy the site. Shalom.

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