Shark Attack!

Read closely this quote from a BBC report of a man killed by a shark on his honeymoon (Bad Shark!  Bad Shark!):

“The Seychelles Tourism Board’s director Alain St Ange told the BBC the latest attack was caused by a “foreign shark” and was a “freak accident”.

He said: “We need to find the beast and get it out of our waters, we have requested help from South Africa and two experts are arriving in the country in the next day.”

A “foreign” shark?

An “accident”?

“Get it out of OUR WATERS”?

Oh my Nature!  People need to get a life, even when they die.

Yes, a tragedy.  But the wilds are the wilds.

And what about that “foreign” POLAR BEAR that killed the British kid recently?

Oh yes, it was shot.  Bad Polar Bear.

And how about those “foreign” WOLVES!  Look how we handle our Childish Fear of Wolves (Sweden).

To be a Wolf and be “Delisted” is to receive your death sentence, especially in Montana and Idaho.

Or,  how about this “foreign” MOUNTAIN LION killed for daring to hang out with golfers in Arizona.

An endless (and tragic) story:  the animal, in its natural environment, pays for being what it is: Wild.

Look folks, we go out into the Wild Areas and a “local resident” hurts us or kill us.

Bad US!  At least it’s bad if we don’t get educated before we go places where Humans are Not in Control (thank Nature!).

I hope the shark swims away free.  Probably too late for this wolf, bear, lion of the sea. . .


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2 responses to “Shark Attack!

  • Nelson A. Petrie

    Let people realize that it is time we understood that the planet without the creatures of the wild would be a desolate and forsaken planet. I would not like to live in such a planet. Why are the governments, especially the crazy Republicans in the USA and the Canadian governments and the Chinese governments destroying all wildlife that ‘comes in the way’ of their crazy development schemes? It is time ‘nature preachers’ preach the Word of Nature in the same frenzied way as the evangelical preachers preach the Word of God.

    • naturechaplain

      Appreciate the thought and sentiment, Nelson. I don’t think “frenzied” presentations of what Burroughs called the “Gospel of Nature” would help, but I catch your passion. This is why I refer back constantly to Muir, Burroughs, Roosevelt, Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman and others who had deep passion for Nature as well as a commitment to reasonably “entice people to Nature’s beauty” as Muir put it. Hang in there.

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