End of School Prayer: 50 Years Ago

In honor of the Engel decision by the Supreme Court in June 1962. . .

“. . .a union of government and religion tends to destroy government and to degrade religion.”

~Decision written by Hugo Black

Good overview article on the American Humanist Association site by Ellery Schempp, a student in the 1963 case that ended school-led Bible study.

What if these courageous people, who endured the “wrath of the wreligious,” had not spoken out, had not taken a stand, had not been supported by the Supremes a half century ago?  We owe them a bow of respect and honor.

And Please People. . .any student or teacher who chooses CAN pray (or Not) in public schools.  Just keep it quiet and to yourself and Un-official.  No One ever took “God out of school” (what kind of wimpy deity do you believe in, anyway?).  Read Justice Hugo Black’s words again.  Now THERE’S some Education.


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Writer, teacher, freethinker, humanist celebrant, former minister and interfaith chaplain View all posts by Chris Highland

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