Health Care

What’s more natural than health, and caring for health?

Legislation isn’t perfect and will obviously need improvements, but at least someone is acting, doing something with immediate benefits.

Health (like housing, education, etc) shouldn’t be a political potato to play with.

Isn’t FEAR and spreading FEAR bad for our health?  Some in America delight in fanning the flames of fear.

But REASON can stand up to fear, is more powerful than fear, and can bring us into the Common Sense Light of Day.

What’s more Un-natural than keeping people Un-insured, and giving the wealthiest the best care?

Since the Republicangelicals and Mad Hatter Party types like to call it “Obamacare,” and “Obama Scare” and are now rallying their “base” to get frenzied about the Supreme Court decision, I’ve suggested to the White House a re-framing of the issue (take the words back, re-claim a respect for Caring):

AHA (Affordable Healthcare Act)

Obama Cares

(let’s see this in some speeches, posters and bumperstickers)


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Writer, teacher, freethinker, humanist celebrant, former minister and interfaith chaplain View all posts by Chris Highland

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