Crosses for Colorado

My comment on this man who plants crosses (CNN):

You know, I get it, I really do. I used to be a pastor. This man means well. I’m not going to knock his faith or intention here. Only to say, with some sadness, What’s the purpose? Memorials are fine (though we seem a memorial-obsessed culture sometimes). But do folks consider that putting up a Christian symbol in remembrance primarily honors the one with the hammer. Maybe all the people who died or were shot in Aurora were Christians. I don’t know. And does that matter? Shouldn’t. But would a Christian appreciate a Wiccan or Muslim or Taoist putting their religious symbols all over to honor the death of their loved one? Highly doubt it. So, could we simply honor the dead and their families by quietly giving a thought, saying a prayer, tossing a flower, rather than turning every single tragedy into an opportunity to make Our Faith front and center?


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One response to “Crosses for Colorado

  • Phaedra

    As a Christian, who recognizes the validity of other religions, I agree with you “that putting up a Christian symbol in remembrance primarily honors the one with the hammer.” I think the gesture is sound but the symbol is misplaced. Having a collection of things can express a number of worthwhile ideas, beyond religion – the enormity of the lives lost, the idea that people did not die alone, focus on remembrance and as source of strength for the survivors. An examples of this exists with the Chairs Memorial in Oklahoma City and the Vietnam War Memorial. Although they do not replace heartfelt prayers or kindnesses they have done what a single religion’s symbol could not.

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