New Age Gets Older and Older

See!  The Earth Looks Like. . .Hands!

Free speech is a great and weather-worn freedom. People can say almost anything (hate and violence are debatable perhaps). And, people are free to “believe it or not.” Each individual can freely choose to BE an individual, to think for themselves (and speak for themselves) independent of others, OR to exercise their human right to follow a chosen crowd or herd in any direction, including off a bridge or nearby cliff (literally or intellectually).

A full page ad in the event magazine for our local event center immediately captured my attention (attentiveness being easily netted and tamed in our time).  Maybe you’ll see why this “event” grabbed me:  “The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs Herald Emergence of the World Teacher.”  Uh.  Right.  Here’s what the free event offers:

“Unprecedented numbers of UFO sightings are being reported all over the world. Huge crop circles are appearing overnight. Brilliant luminary objects in the sky are seen changing color and shape. People worldwide are calling for change. How do these events relate to the emergence of the World Teacher? A talk and video presentation by Monte Leach.”

And a nice big “photo” of a. . .bright cloud. . .hanging over a mountain. . .makes you want to jump up and shout, “I SEE it!  I SEE it!  LOOK!  A. . .bright cloud over a mountain. . .or something (in the magazine version of this advertisement a different photo, supposedly over Mount Shasta, carries the caption:  “UFO appears as Cloud” which begs the comment:  Maybe the cloud is appearing as a UFO. . .except then it’s not unidentified because. . .it’s a CLOUD).

A link directs to a site for Benjamin Creme and a message about UFOs and their “spiritual mission.”

Got your ticket?  Ready to go where no mind has gone before?

Anyone want to ask, “Umm.  ‘Unidentified’ means something hasn’t been ‘identified’. . . so, now that you’ve ‘identified’ these ‘objects’ maybe your events need to change?

There are of course parallels to the marketing of many religions, old and new.

But this is about all the New Age Movement has ever offered and it’s grown oh so old.  The old bait and switch.  Just like any other “spirituality” that says, “Look what I see!”  “My God is REAL!”  “Just BELIEVE!”  Now, if your brain is engaged here, you are fully welcome to answer:  “Sorry, but I don’t see and don’t believe.  Have any other pretty pictures of Nature?”

The ad calls for a “Gathering of the Forces of Light.”  Well, OK.  Bringing all this nonsense into the Light of Day (see John Burroughs) by people of the Enlightenment with Reason fully engaged. . .might really “change the world.”

But, don’t count on that in this location on that date.  I won’t be among these “Forces” of the believing herd in our local venue.  We can identify THIS flying object as pure CRAP, so it may be wise to DUCK (hey, that low-flying creature with wings is a UFO!  I just KNOW it!).

By the way, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and along the U.S./Mexican border strange lights in the sky are called “Drones.”  Beware!  They’re Watching!  (but who cares when we can be distracted by the UFO’s of Faith?  Un-intelligible Faith Obsessions)


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