Steeling Crosses

The “cross at ground zero”

(do you see the crescent, the star of david and goddess in the twisted pile of rubble?  Maybe you’re not looking)

My comment on this piece on the big, steel “ground zero cross” Christian Science Monitor

Sure, keep the piece of scrap that looks like a Christian symbol. Then, to truly honor all the Americans who died there, place it alongside a Jewish star of David, an Asian yin yang, a Hindu goddess, a Muslim crescent and all other religious images. Then a light bulb or something to symbolize Reason. . . Wouldn’t it be more respectful and appropriate to honor the dead in a place that is fully welcoming and inclusive rather than displaying yet another divisive in-your-face brand of superior spirituality?

And on CNN:

Ok, sure, it’s a museum. Legal fights are one thing, but this “ground zero cross” dishonors the memory of this National tragedy. The cross is a Christian symbol through and through (did anyone look around for a crescent and star or a Buddha or goddess Kali in the wreckage?–of course not–as with all Religion, you find what you want to find). America is not Christian, and I would guess there are many people of faith who would agree with those of us who don’t believe in the Christian God (including me, a former Christian Minister) who simply feel that honoring “Americans” means honoring ALL Americans of all faiths and no faiths. You can’t make this catastrophe into yet another Christian Event.

I mean, come on.  Is the “hidden message” here that somehow Jesus was crucified in the towers, or that “God had a purpose” in the tragedy (that’s a favorite of the PCs–People of the Cross. . .who are what I call the “Religiously Correct”)?

How many times do thinking PORs (People of Reason) have to speak up and speak out to object and say:  Wait a freakin’ minute.  This is NOT a Christian Country and NEVER will be.  These shameless displays of tribalism are arrogantly, foolishly and offensively inappropriate in modern America and the contemporary World.  We could fairly ask:  Did anyone find a Crescent Shaped piece of metal scrap in the rubble?  How about a melted image of Kali?

The Use (abuse?) of the Christian Symbol of the Cross is another disrespectful (anyone recall “Do unto others. . .”?), arrogant (“pride cometh before a fall”. . .remember?) and ignorant (“love God with the mind”. . .you know, in the “great commandment”?) and frankly seems un-American (remember E Pluribus Unum?).

Steel yourself for this one:  The execution device used by the oppressive Roman State centuries ago is now being wielded as a weapon by the People of the Cross.

Anyone see the Iron Cross irony in that?


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