Faithball: Texas Cheerleaders for Christ

Ah, the wonders of American Education Goducation

Cheerleaders with Bible Verses (NYT)

If I could briefly address these young ladies and this school and their town, I might just suggest they choose other verses. . .such as:

“Do unto others (Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists. . .players on the Other Teams) as you wish they do to you.”

Interesting that one of their banners reads, “If God be for us who can be against us?”

My question would be:  So, God is on the side of your school, your team, your faith, your country, your universe. . .?  What happens when the other team from another school wins?  Does God switch sides just to “play games” with us?  Does the God of the Bible care about throwing verses at others like pigskin or does that God have something better to do, oh, like finding food and shelter and healthcare for people in poverty?

Is there anyone teaching civics, the Constitution, American History, anything in that school?  And, perhaps more importantly, is there anyone teaching the Whole Bible and the History of Religion in this town?  Sounds doubtful.  Where are the clergy who get it, who understand there are many other places and ways to show one’s faith other than football games, who understand there are many other words in the Bible that may actually nurture community instead of dividing, who understand that once the public schools allow for Christian banners, other banners may soon appear (verses from other “holy books” or, Nature Forbid, from the Natural Bible)?

This cry of “Religious Liberty” just won’t go away. . .and shouldn’t. . .but people should at least know what that means, in a pluralistic, secular nation.  What it does NOT mean is MY Religious Liberty is more important than Yours!  That’s the exact opposite of the intent of the First Amendment.  Where are the Cheerleaders for that?

{This is well handled by two Christian authors in their excellent book, Getting Jefferson Right}

This story presents another perfect reason to look to the Natural Bible.


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