Kevin Weldon

Kevin Weldon, superintendent of schools in Kountze, Texas.

Remember that name.

The Story:  high school cheerleaders make bible-banners for the football team to run through. . .turns into a legal mess. . .

The Back Story (“In Texas, a Legal Battle Over Biblical Banners,” NYT):

“Mr. Weldon, a Protestant and former football coach, has said he supports the cheerleaders and their message, but feels he must uphold the law. Though he has taken a stand that pleases the Anti-Defamation League and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, he is not their ally. Though his action upset the Liberty Institute, a Christian legal group representing the cheerleaders, he is not their opponent. He is caught somewhere in between.

“He made the decision against the popular prevailing sentiment, and he’s been reviled for it,” Mr. Weldon’s lawyer, Thomas P. Brandt, told the judge last week. “He has stood, though, solidly in favor of not what he personally wants, but what he perceives the law requires.”

Believer or non-believer, you have to admire this man for standing up and taking the heat from the Modern Inquisitors, the God-Protectors and Bible-Believers.

This may be exactly where people of faith and people of no faith (in other words, reasonable citizens) find common ground in preserving laws that protect everyone, not just one select group of self-righteous radical zealots (I mean, “Good Christians”).

Thanks, Mr. Weldon.  You are a fine example of a leader, an educator and your faith.


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