Kumbh Mela


100 million humans doing what?  Bathing in (polluted) rivers. . .to cleanse sins. . .(BBC)

“I believe a bathe on the most auspicious day will get rid of all my sins and will help secure me and my family’s future.”

“The Kumbh Mela has its origins in Hindu mythology.

Many believe that when gods and demons fought over a pitcher of nectar, a few drops fell in the cities of Allahabad, Nasik, Ujjain and Haridwar – the four places where the Kumbh festival has been held for centuries.”

Nice story.

My question has always been:  What if. . .100 million people focused on something else. . .such as:

-cleaning up the river(s) and the rest of the land

-eliminating poverty, hunger, disease

-building affordable housing

-. . .anything. . .something. . .creative. . .constructive. . .healthy. . .

What if?

Seriously, I would shut up IF these “pilgrimages” did something beneficial for the community, the environment, the world.  IF people bathed in the river. . .and then joined forces to clean the water, the land, the air, the nation, the world.  THEN, believe what you will. . .play out the mythology. . .cleanse your sins.  Worship all the gods and goddessses you wish.  AFTER you have done something that’s truly good for the world.

Will this ever happen?  Probably not.  Faith doesn’t have much of a good record.

(hint:  this is the Great Distraction that is, and has always been, Religion)


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