Killing Animals For Fun Has to Stop!

The Joy of Being Human. . .Does this make you proud?

Killing the Biggest, Oldest, Longest, Heaviest Animal. . .for Fun. . .for a Record. . .for a Photo Op. . .

This is sick and has to stop.

Big Animals/Small Humans

Big Animals/Small Humans

Thirteen Foot, one-thousand pound, gator (Arkansas)

“The rare catch is overwhelming to [the hunter].  ‘Honestly I thought I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing now that I have him.’ ”

But that sure beats the other guy, who only got a 727 pounder in Ol’ Miss.

And in Southern Georgia, a wimpy 620 pounder.

“Each of Mississippi’s monsters and Georgia’s record catch pale in comparison to the 800-pound alligator caught in Texas back in May, the report adds.

Six of Georgia’s 10 biggest alligators caught have been captured in Lake Seminole, the Georgia DNR said, so a swim at feeding time in that south Georgia lake may require extra caution.”

Yes, people should be Very Afraid of the Big, Old Evil “Monsters”!  And that includes the Gators!

Why are some humans (the most dangerous predators on the planet) so thrilled with themselves when they kill the oldest, largest creatures?

And “catching” this “thing”?  Weird.

Not to mention the slaughter of elephants (Ok, let’s mention it!):

Poisoning a waterhole. . .killing 80 elephants. . .now there’s proof of Superior Humanity!

The “Sport” of shooting an old bull elephant in the face. . .on television. . .and gloating. . .

And here’s a “record” 800-pound black bear, killed in honor of this brave hunter’s father.


There’s a sickness here.  These “sportsmen” and “hunters” need to be educated, shamed, fined and punished for slaughtering living creatures for their own sick pleasure (and profit, in the case of elephant poachers).

We need to Protect these Animals (not the animals with guns).


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5 responses to “Killing Animals For Fun Has to Stop!

  • lwk2431

    “Not to mention the slaughter of elephants…”

    Well to do hunters who pay very large sums for the privilege of hunting elephants in Africa may very well be the savior of these animals. If it weren’t for this income then many Africans would be glad to completely exterminate them so they can have more land for farming.

    American hunters were often some of the first to push for conservation in this country. Hunters now are a necessary part of the ecosystem for game animals like deer.


    • naturechaplain

      Thanks for your comment, LWK2431. This is a very old argument, and there’s some truth to what you say. I’ve read a great deal of Theodore Roosevelt the hunter and preservationist. He enjoyed the hunt, but understood the need to preserve wildlife, that it didn’t belong to him, though he was wealthy and privileged enough to shoot anything he liked (well almost). When naturalist John Burroughs accompanied TR to Yellowstone in 1906, he heard the President say, “I will not fire a gun in the park,” but later heard him say, “I feel as if I ought to keep the camp in meat.” Even Burroughs would have joined the hunt. Mostly, they “hunted” owls out of their love for birds and even ran after a herd of elk, just for the exhilaration.

      What’s so troubling in your statement is that the “well to do” (mostly white, western, american) hunters are not addressing the real problems of indigenous animals OR people. Far more money and far greater good, I would argue, is coming from the creation of National Parks and preserves. In other words, increasing education is vital, teaching people in Africa and elsewhere that keeping the wild creatures ALIVE is much more profitable on all levels. Besides, the point of my post is the “killing for pleasure” issue. Which, in my view, explains most hunting (and I grew up with guns and hunters). Few westerners have to hunt for meat any longer. No one can argue that there is any “sport” left anyway since what animal has a chance against high caliber scoped rifles, hummers, airplanes and gps?

      And who is addressing that need for African farm land you mention? Do these great white hunters care about Native Africans? Doubtful. Who is supporting the creation of parks and refuges for the animals? There are some great conservation organizations and many Africans are joining these efforts as park rangers and administrators of sanctuaries where wild animals can be enjoyed by people hunting with cameras. Doesn’t that make more reasonable, humane sense than letting the Rich Guys blow these majestic creatures away because. . .it boosts their massive Ego? IF these Men with Guns really want to help, maybe they could give their wealth (or at least the price of their “sporting safari”) to conservation.

      John Muir once wrote, “Surely a better time must be drawing nigh, when [human beings] learn to put their animal fellow mortals in their hearts instead of on their backs or in their dinners [or on their walls or computer screens?]. All red-blooded boys are savage, fond of hunting and fishing. But when thoughtless childhood is past, the best rise the highest above all this bloody flesh and sport business.” (My Boyhood and Youth, 1912). By the way, TR also camped out with Muir.

      Here’s to outgrowing “thoughtless childhood,” when “The best rise the highest above” this mad need to kill for pleasure!

      I wish you, and the wild things, well.

  • lwk2431

    “Few westerners have to hunt for meat any longer.”

    Native Africans use these elephants for food.

    “Do these great white hunters care about Native Africans?”

    It doesn’t matter what their motivation is (or if you even understand it). Their willingness to spend large amounts of money helps both Africans and elephants.

    In America in the past we have seen the results of hunting bans on deer. The result is always the same. The deer in a number of years greatly overpopulate leading to starvation and disease. If men will not hunt and kill excess deers then all the deers suffer far more.

    In Africa there is a pressing need for land for cultivation. The numbers of elephants has to be controlled. It can be controlled either by letting hunters pay large fees to do so, or by government employed hunters who cull the herds.

    Regardless of who kills the excess elephants, someone must do so. It makes a lot more sense economically to make a lot of money doing it vs. having to pay government employees to do it.

    Men with rifles, as predators, are a part of the ecosystem. When is the last time you say an animal in the wild check into a “old folks home” to enjoy their old age? Something kills these animals and few die of old age. Hunting is a relatively humane way of killing a deer, for example, than being torn apart by wolves or wild dogs.


    • naturechaplain

      I’m not clear why you are commenting on this site. If motivation to kill doesn’t matter to you, well, end of any discussion. You’ve missed the whole point.

      This “discussion” would no doubt be fruitless. Wild life obviously exists for you only to kill for all of your self-justified reasons. If the Second Amendment is your Gospel, I’m sorry for you. “Gospels” serve to preserve Life, the Good and best of being Human, not the worst. Freedom means so much more than the freedom to live in fear surrounded by weapons. Is that freedom? Surely not.

      As you well know, “culling” is done under special conditions for specific reasons for the benefit of the wild creatures–not for the benefit or blood-sport of gun-loving killers. It’s interesting how much you support “control” of living creatures when you are so against “control” of steel weapons and your personal “rights.” I would say those wild animals have as much rights as you or I. But I know many will never accept that.

      And so, we have to protect those who have no defense, the most vulnerable, who are needlessly killed by those who claim the “right” to kill. The Declaration of Independence that I’ve read declares first and foremost the Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not the right to kill and endlessly prepare to kill. Sure our basic rights must be defended, so we have an America with an elected government, Laws and sometimes force is necessary. Those who only focus on force and firepower, cloaked in fear, are the saddest and the most dangerous people in a free society. I would argue that the most fearful have the most guns. When these people get whatever weapons they want, to kill whatever they want (gators, elephants, wolves, deer, lions, etc) the world becomes a more dangerous place, leading to, you guessed it (and the NRA loves it): more guns! Not more freedom, not more liberty, not more happiness, not a “more perfect union,” but more distrust and fear.

      As you may have noticed, Natural Bible is Nature-oriented, Life-affirming, rather than supportive of a violence-prone gun culture that polarizes (ala Faux “News”). I am a lover of Nature. You are a lover of guns. I work to find ways for people to live together with each other and with the natural world. From the looks of your site, this is the antithesis of your worship of weapons. You are of course “free” to surround yourself with guns. I am of course free to support common sense laws to control killing machines, and to surround myself with loving people and the beauty of the natural world. I will be supporting any and all efforts to protect the living creatures of the natural world from those who only seem to wish harm and death.

      • lwk2431

        “I am of course free to support common sense laws to control killing machines, and to surround myself with loving people and the beauty of the natural world. I will be supporting any and all efforts to protect the living creatures of the natural world from those who only seem to wish harm and death.”

        Just to be certain here, but you ARE a VEGETARIAN, right?

        ” I am a lover of Nature. You are a lover of guns.”

        Actually I love both and have spent a lot of time in nature. I fully support rational conservation goals.


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