Scalia, Satan and Self-Righteous Judges

Satan is Real! (CNN Belief Blog)

In God-Blessed-America we can all rest free-and-easy there are both Preacher Politicians and Satan-believing Supreme Court justices.  Great.  Should really help in their balanced, reasonable leadership decisions.

Here’s a Question I would love to ask them all:

Once you get your (secret) wish and JESUS becomes PRESIDENT and the Bible becomes the law of the land. . .how do you think JC would act as President?  Seriously, what would he do?

Hint:  once these folks begin to describe a Jesus Presidency I guarantee Many Eyes Will Open.  I suspect the guy they describe will bear little resemblance to the Poor Palestinian Jewish Teacher we hear in the Sermon on the Mount.  Oh, and yes, he did seem to believe in Satan. . .just hear what he said to the Self-Righteous Judges of his day:

“You are from your father the Devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires!” (John 8:44)


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