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The Price of Babble Ed

Oh no!  Not the dreaded 666!

Track runner in Kentucky

(as I remember from my (yes, liberal, thank Good) seminary studies, the number was used by early followers of the Way (later called Christians) as a secret code for the nasty emperor Nero.  But let’s not let historical context or reason get in the way.  Hopefully this young lady will learn there are more books than the Babble, that there are consequences to “holding on to principles” and more courses to run in Life)

Put the Qur’an Aside and Pick up a Textbook

Good comment by Thomas Friedman (NYT):

“Indeed, Islam is one of the world’s great monotheistic faiths, but it is not the answer to Arab development today. Math is the answer. Education is the answer. Getting the Middle East to focus on that would do more to further our interests and their prosperity than anything else. As we are seeing in Egypt, suddenly creating a mass democracy without improving mass education is highly unstable.”