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The “War on Faith”

Charles Blow, “Liberty to Lie” (New York Times):

 “. . .the right’s disinformation machine is, explicitly and implicitly, making the argument that facts (science, math, evidence) are fungible and have been co-opted by liberal eggheads.  They have declared war on facts in response to what they claim is a liberal war on faith.

This is an utterly false and ridiculous argument, but it works on some people.”

Yes, those who blow the trumpets as Defenders of God, Truth, Faith, Patriotism (i.e. their own No-Ledge-Able self-righteousness) raise their guns high in the air and shoot the facts. A “War on Facts”. . .now there’s something for FOXY NEWS to ignore. . .marching on with the Romney-Ryan R&R from Reality.

The Liberty to Lie. . .that’s something to think long and hard about, because folks, we’re talking about LEADERSHIP.