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Killing Animals For Fun Has to Stop!

The Joy of Being Human. . .Does this make you proud?

Killing the Biggest, Oldest, Longest, Heaviest Animal. . .for Fun. . .for a Record. . .for a Photo Op. . .

This is sick and has to stop.

Big Animals/Small Humans

Big Animals/Small Humans

Thirteen Foot, one-thousand pound, gator (Arkansas)

“The rare catch is overwhelming to [the hunter].  ‘Honestly I thought I don’t know what I’m going to do with this thing now that I have him.’ ”

But that sure beats the other guy, who only got a 727 pounder in Ol’ Miss.

And in Southern Georgia, a wimpy 620 pounder.

“Each of Mississippi’s monsters and Georgia’s record catch pale in comparison to the 800-pound alligator caught in Texas back in May, the report adds.

Six of Georgia’s 10 biggest alligators caught have been captured in Lake Seminole, the Georgia DNR said, so a swim at feeding time in that south Georgia lake may require extra caution.”

Yes, people should be Very Afraid of the Big, Old Evil “Monsters”!  And that includes the Gators!

Why are some humans (the most dangerous predators on the planet) so thrilled with themselves when they kill the oldest, largest creatures?

And “catching” this “thing”?  Weird.

Not to mention the slaughter of elephants (Ok, let’s mention it!):

Poisoning a waterhole. . .killing 80 elephants. . .now there’s proof of Superior Humanity!

The “Sport” of shooting an old bull elephant in the face. . .on television. . .and gloating. . .

And here’s a “record” 800-pound black bear, killed in honor of this brave hunter’s father.


There’s a sickness here.  These “sportsmen” and “hunters” need to be educated, shamed, fined and punished for slaughtering living creatures for their own sick pleasure (and profit, in the case of elephant poachers).

We need to Protect these Animals (not the animals with guns).

Gun Violence and God

This is a very good article/plea/call to action from Marian Wright Edelman

Dear God, When Will It Stop?

I would only suggest that the call to action be directed a different way, in our Gun and God saturated culture:

Dear America, Dear Mr. President, Dear Humanity. . .

The madness will only stop when We the People hear, and feel, and think, and act.