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Burning Holy Books or Burning People?

My story of the terrible killing of Farkhunda in Kabul had over 1300 views.

As one whose “spiritual ancestors” (Heretics) were burned for their beliefs or non-beliefs. . .I will never stand by and watch a person put down or raised up to disrespect, harass, injure or murder in the Name of a Religion or the Name of a God.

If your “holy book” is more sacred, holy, revered and respected than a Human Life, than Reason, than Freedom. . .you are dangerous and you will be met by the force of Truth and True Justice.

I don’t condone the burning of holy books (though we shred them for free on this site).  But if the choice is to burn pages or people. . .a freethinking person will leave their books and Live the Words.

Think about it:  Did any of the so-called Great Spiritual Teachers (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius. . .) carry a holy book around?  Did they ever say Scriptures were more Sacred than a Human Being?  Of course not.  They were writing the holy books with their lives.

Remember Farkhunda.

Maybe burning her was the real desecration of a living holy book.

Remember Farkhunda.

(and Hypatia, Narendra Dabholkar and all others who have suffered for Free Speech, Freethought and Human Rights)

The Genesis of Bible “Science” is a Revelation

I didn’t watch the “debate” but what I’ve heard (and what I could already imagine) seems fairly summarized in this little cartoon:

The "Debate"

The “Debate”

In my evangelistic days we used to say quite proudly:

“God said it.  I Believe it.  That Settles it!”


How can you “debate” that?

Hint:  When God/the LORD/Allah/Krishna speaks, reasonable discussion is over.  Debate is pointless.

Leaves me. . .unsettled.  How about you?