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The “War on Marriage”. . .featuring, LOVE

We of the “unchurched” spoke loud and clear on Election Day.  And the haters who piously parade their paranoia and ignorance were turned back in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington (my home state).  When will the Church get it?  When will those who claim such a cozy relationship with the “God of Love” get that bleating on about their “values” and how they and they alone are the “Defenders of Marriage” denigrates their own “Lord of Love”?  Standing in the way of LOVE. . .how is that the Way of Jesus?

Here’s what was said by God’s Defenders of Marriage in Washington after they were defeated (Seattle Times):

“Opponents of same-sex marriage have conceded, saying it appears that Referendum 74 will pass.

Approval of the measure will make Washington the ninth state to allow gay marriage and the third to do so this week. Same-sex marriage is also legal in the District of Columbia.

“With added results showing that we have not closed the gap, it now appears clear that Referendum 74 will be narrowly approved,” said Joseph Backholm, chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington, which worked to defeat the measure.

“We are disappointed in losing a tough election battle on marriage by a narrow margin. But while we are disappointed, we are not defeated.”

After crunching their own numbers, backers of the measure on Wednesday declared victory.

Backholm pointed out that Washington is a very liberal state and one of the most secular in the country. He said the polling indicated 80 percent of “unchurched” voters approved of Referendum 74.”

Amen!  Thankfully, this is not Church Country. . .it’s Constitution Country. . .it’s America.